Job Description

If you want to accelerate your professional growth in a Physical/Occupational Therapy environment which is evidence and exercised based, look no further.

This is a great opportunity if you are looking to progress to a Physical Therapy Assistant or Physical Therapist. We are an outpatient orthopedic clinic that specializes in all facets of orthopedic care. We see a tremendous amount of variety in all age ranges.

This job is the best way to further your understanding of Physical Therapy and how to help implement treatment and exercise programs.

If you are interested here is what year one is all about, a chance to make a big difference.

  1. Manage Gym Flow: understanding exercise progressions, having a detailed understanding of exercises and the goals trying to be achieved. Able to effectively communicate with the therapist about the results.
  2. Able to prioritize duties: Patient care, cleaning equipment, laundry, computer/paperwork.
  3. Implement ordering program to maintain supplies.
  4. Prep and maintain charts in concise order.
  5. Due to the high-volume, structured nature of this activity, 100% attendance is required.

Realistically we need someone with an exercise science background. A personal training certification would also be a bonus but not essential. Most important is a willingness to learn about physical therapy and how to treat patients effectively while promoting a positive environment in which to do so.

While all this year one stuff is exciting, Day one is pretty good itself. These are things like compensation, the company, the people, and location. However none of this matters if “year one and beyond” do not make career sense for you.

Desired Skills and Experience.

If you can accomplish the above, you have got what it takes. Realistically having an exercise science or personal training background will allow you to accelerate your effectiveness and impact. Being able to communicate, motivate and help patients through their recovery is of utmost importance. If you have it you know why. If you don’t but think you can do the work, let’s talk anyway.

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